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  • Beyond Terror: the truth about real threats to our world (Book Review)

    Smith, Ron C. (New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, 2008)
    The central thesis of the book reviewed here is that the threat of terrorism is not as great as prominent proponents of the ‘war on terror’ are apt to claim. By contrast, the ‘real threats’ (climate change, marginalisation ...
  • Book Review: Nonproliferation Norms: Why states choose nuclear restraint

    Smith, Ron C. (New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, 2009)
    The article reviews the book "Nonproliferation Norms: Why States Choose Nuclear Restraint," by Maria Rost Rublee.
  • The critical vulnerabilities of civilian nuclear operations

    Smith, Ron C. (2005-03)
    The exploitation for peaceful purposes of nuclear knowledge and nuclear technology is inevitably connected to the exploitation of the same phenomena for military purposes. Moreover, many of the key processes that are at ...
  • The death of Private Leonard Manning

    Smith, Ron C. (2005-06)
    New Zealand Army Private, Leonard Manning, was killed in an ambush in East Timor in July 2000. The circumstances of his killing and the military context in which it occurred, raised many questions at the time and many of ...
  • Decommissioning the Russian Far East Fleet's nuclear submarines

    Smith, Ron C. (New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, 2003)
    During the Cold War, the Soviet Union built up the largest fleet of nuclear-propelled submarines in the world, with something under half of them stationed in the Far East. Since the demise of the Soviet Union many of these ...