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  • The acute and longer-term effects of cold water immersion in highly-trained volleyball athletes during an intense training block

    Tavares, Francisco; Simões, Mário; Matos, Bruno; Smith, Tiaki Brett; Driller, Matthew W. (Frontiers Media SA, 2020)
    Background: The use of cold water immersion (CWI) as a recovery strategy following exercise has drawn mixed findings over the last few decades. The purpose of the current study was two-fold; (1) to determine the acute ...
  • Body image amongst elite rugby union players.

    Gibson, Claire; Hindle, Chloe; McLay-Cooke, Rebecca; Slater, Joanne; Brown, Rachel; Smith, Tiaki Brett; Baker, Dane; Healy, Philip; Black, Katherine (Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, 2017)
    There is limited information on the risk of eating disorders and body image of elite male athletes. However, research suggests there are some athletes who have poor body image and they may be at increased risk of developing ...
  • Chief’s Mana in action; a study investigating the team’s perspective.

    Howarth, Joelene; Smith, Tiaki Brett; Galbraith, David (2016)
    Team culture, and its relevance to performance behaviour and attitudes, has recently gained increased focus in sport psychology research and practice (Schroeder, 2010; Cruickshank & Collins 2012; Morgan, Fletcher & Sarkar, ...
  • Development of an online metric rugby analysis tool

    Smith, Tiaki Brett; Healey, Phil; Sutherland, Scott; Blackwell, David; Tarrant, Owen (2013)
    Optimising conditioning of team sport players such as rugby union requires effective assessment, planning, implementation and monitoring. While there are few problems with the first three of these stages, the common Super ...
  • The Effects of Chronic Cold Water Immersion in Elite Rugby Players

    Tavares, Francisco; Beaven, Christopher Martyn; Teles, Julia; Baker, Dane; Healy, Phil; Smith, Tiaki Brett; Driller, Matthew W. (Human Kinetics, 2018)
    Purpose: While the acute effects of cold water immersion (CWI) have been widely investigated, research analysing the effects of CWI over a chronic period in highly-trained athletes is scarce. The aim of this study was to ...

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