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  • Hamilton Parents Centre 1957-2003: A sociological history

    Morgans, Blair; Snape, Holly; Swain, David (Hamilton Parents Centre Inc, 2004)
    This is a "sociological history" of Hamilton Parents Centre and as such presents the stories' of Hamilton Parents Centre organised both chronologically and thematically. These stories are broadly of two kinds: those ...
  • A report on child cycling safety

    Snape, Holly; Bennett, Ursula; Selket, Kyro; Balloch, Rowan; Swain, David (Department of Societies and Cultures, University of Waikato, 2001)
    The research project identifies and examines various issues related to the cycling safety of urban school children in Hamilton aged between eight and 15 years of age in Hamilton. The report outlines, discusses and evaluates ...
  • A report on child safety and dog attacks

    Bennett, Ursula; Snape, Holly; Swain, David (Department of Societies and Cultures, University of Waikato, 2000)
    The research investigated the issues involving dog attacks on children, specifically by dogs known to the child. The report identifies the circumstances and conditions which may result in an attack by a family dog. This ...

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