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  • Concrete ephemeriality

    Simmons, Rowan; Soo, Chin-En Keith (2020)
    Concrete ephemerality is a project designed to capture something that was once transitory and seeks to create something concrete from it. With ever more tracking and aggregation of our digital lives, online identities that ...
  • FilmGrain

    Simmons, Rowan; Apperley, Mark; Soo, Chin-En Keith (2019)
    Films are an integral part of our cultural zeitgeist, as time goes on, they have become more than entertainment, they have become a mirror that we point at ourselves in order to explore issues and our position in the world. ...
  • I am Supernova

    Soo, Chin-En Keith (Domus Argenia Publisher, 2016)
    “I am supernova” is an artistic visualisation of the “The Big Five Personality Test”. The test explores personality of participant with the highly respected Five Factor model (AKA the Big Five). The test result will provide ...
  • Virtual bioprocess simulation laboratory for teaching and learning

    Berenjian, Aydin; Smith, Tony C.; Soo, Chin-En Keith (Ako Aotearoa, 2018)
    There is great potential in applying virtual technology to support teaching and learning. A 3D virtual bioprocess simulation will enable users to learn about both basics of laboratory safety and fermentation principles. ...

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