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  • Access and Use of Teaching and Research Materials from A Copyright Perspective in Fiji and the Philippines

    Dimitrov, Dara; Sterling, Rogena; Davis, Hilary (Educational International Research, 2023-09-28)
    This study fills the gap created by the lack of research on educators’ perspectives on copyright protected resources in Fiji and the Philippines and identifies the challenges and strategies they undertake when confronted ...
  • The COVID-19 domestic vaccine pass: Implications for Māori

    Kukutai, Tahu; Clark, Vanessa; Mika, Jason; Muru-Lanning, Marama; Pouwhare, Robert; Sterling, Rogena; Teague, Vanessa; Watts, David; Cassim, Shemana (National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis, 2021-11-30)
    The New Zealand government has introduced a COVID-19 domestic vaccine pass to be used in conjunction with the COVID-19 Protection Framework. The Framework is likely to be activated soon after Cabinet meets on 29 November ...
  • Identity and its protection as the aim and purpose of international human rights law: The case of (inter)sex identity and its protection

    Sterling, Rogena (The University of Waikato, 2018)
    The history of intersex people has demonstrated a life of invisibility with an imposed identity they did not choose. The lack of identity, or at least an autonomous one, led to a theoretical investigation into identity and ...
  • Intellectual Property, Mātauranga Māori

    Sterling, Rogena; Riddle, KatieLee; Tūrongo Brooks, Robert; Anderson, Jane; Hudson, Maui (Te Kotahi Research Institute University of Waikato, 2021)
    This literature review has been conducted to consider the various national legislation and international agreements that comprise New Zealand’s Intellectual Property Rights (IP) regime. It will evaluate if and how such ...
  • Narrativity in becoming sex/gender

    Sterling, Rogena (IntechOpen, 2022)
    Most discussions of sex and gender development are discussed as science and expressed as a linear progression from birth as one step as biology develops of which the psychosocial self is built upon. Though biology is an ...