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  • New Zealand Community Fault Model – version 1.0.

    Seebeck, H; van Dissen, RJ; Litchfield, NJ; Barnes, PM; Nicol, A; Langridge, RM; Barrell, DJA; Villamor, Pilar; Ellis, SM; Rattenbury, MS; Bannister, S; Gerstenberger, MC; Ghisetti, F; Sutherland, R; Fraser, J; Nodder, SD; Stirling, MW; Humphrey, J; Bland, KJ; Howell, A; Mountjoy, JJ; Moon, Vicki G.; Stahl, T; Spinardi, F; Townsend, DB; Clark, KJ; Hamling, IJ; Cox, SC; de Lange, Willem P.; Wopereis, P; Johnston, M; Morgenstern, R; Coffey, GL; Eccles, JD; Little, TA; Fry, B; Griffin, J; Townend, J; Mortimer, N; Alcaraz, SA; Massiot, C; Rowland, J; Muirhead, J; Upton, P; Hirschberg, H; Lee, JM (GNS Science, 2022-05-23)
    Fault models developed by the scientific community aim to provide a consistent and broadly agreed-upon representation of faults in a region for such societally important endeavours as seismic hazard assessment (e.g. national ...