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  • Biotic interactions are an unexpected yet critical control on the complexity of an abiotically driven polar ecosystem.

    Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Laughlin, Daniel C.; Bottos, Eric M.; Caruso, Tancredi; Joy, Kurt; Barrett, John E.; Brabyn, Lars; Nielsen, Uffe N.; Adams, Byron J.; Wall, Diana H.; Hopkins, David W.; Pointing, Stephen B.; McDonald, Ian R.; Cowan, Don A.; Banks, Jonathan C.; Stichbury, Glen; Jones, Irfon; Zawar-Reza, Peyman; Katurji, Marwan; Hogg, Ian D.; Sparrow, Ashley D.; Storey, Bryan C.; Green, T.G. Allan; Cary, S. Craig (2019)
    Abiotic and biotic factors control ecosystem biodiversity, but their relative contributions remain unclear. The ultraoligotrophic ecosystem of the Antarctic Dry Valleys, a simple yet highly heterogeneous ecosystem, is a ...
  • Nematodes in a polar desert reveal the relative role of biotic interactions in the coexistence of soil animals.

    Caruso, Tancredi; Hogg, Ian D.; Nielsen, Uffe N.; Bottos, Eric M.; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Hopkins, David W.; Cary, S. Craig; Barrett, John E.; Green, T.G. Allan; Storey, Bryan C.; Wall, Diana H.; Adams, Byron J. (2019)
    Abiotic factors are major determinants of soil animal distributions and their dominant role is pronounced in extreme ecosystems, with biotic interactions seemingly playing a minor role. We modelled co-occurrence and ...