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  • Casual mobile screen sharing

    Suppers, Joris; Apperley, Mark (CRPIT, 2014)
    The concept of casual screen sharing is that multiple users can cast screen images from their personal hand-held devices on to a large shared local screen. It has applications in personal and business domains where documents ...
  • Impacts of new technologies on household electricity demand: From an individual household, a community, and a national perspective

    Suppers, Joris (The University of Waikato, 2018)
    In the last century, humans have invented and implemented numerous technological advancements, which have not only brought comfort and security to our lives, they have also opened up possibilities which were previously ...
  • Interactive solar panel simulation tool - from GHI to PV output

    Suppers, Joris; Apperley, Mark (University of Bamberg Press, 2017)
    The production and integration of solar panels is steadily growing in New Zealand and worldwide. The most common way to install solar panels in New Zealand is flat on top of the most north-facing roof. This method is used ...
  • Why aren't we all living in Smart Homes

    Suppers, Joris; Apperley, Mark (ACM, 2014)
    Visions of the Future, like the Jetsons cartoons, show homes which are smart and able to control household appliances, to make living easier and more comfortable. Although much research has been carried out into the ...

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