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  • Realising Value: Study-Related Support-Seeking Experiences

    Supramaniam, Sivakumari (University of Waikato, 2015)
    The idea of ‘exchange’ in Service Dominant Logic’s (S-D logic) Foundational Premise (FP) 1 (service is ‘exchanged’ for service) has retained the residual transactional concept from Goods Dominant Logic (G-D logic) as the ...
  • Support: Can it be a value creation strategy for positive marketing?

    Supramaniam, Sivakumari; Varey, Richard J.; FitzPatrick, Mary (IACSIT Press, 2012)
    In pursuit of improving people's wellbeing and engaging in positive marketing, this paper addresses the application of Vickers' Appreciation System to deepen our understanding of how people comprehend their environment and ...

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