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  • Advancing tephrochronology as a global dating tool: applications in volcanology, archaeology, and palaeoclimatic research

    Lane, C.S.; Lowe, David J.; Blockley, S.P.E.; Suzuki, Takehiko; Smith, V.C. (Elsevier, 2017)
    Layers of far-travelled volcanic ash (tephra) from explosive volcanic eruptions provide stratigraphic and numerical dating horizons in sedimentary and volcanic sequences. Such tephra layers may be dispersed over tens to ...
  • Crossing new frontiers: extending tephrochronology as a global geoscientific research tool

    Abbott, Peter M.; Jensen, Britta J.L.; Lowe, David J.; Suzuki, Takehiko; Veres, Daniel (Wiley, 2020)
    Tephrochronology is a unique stratigraphic tool for linking, dating, and synchronising geological, palaeoenvironmental, or archaeological sequences and events (Lowe, 2011; Alloway et al., 2013). It relies on the identification ...
  • Foreword: Crossing new frontiers

    Veres, Daniel; Hambach, Ulrich; Karátson, David; Timar-Gabor, Alida; Szakács, Alexandru; Seghedi, Ioan; Panaiotu, Cristian; Jensen, Britta J.L.; Abbott, Peter M.; Suzuki, Takehiko; Siwan, Davies; Lowe, David J.; Smith, Victoria (2018)
    The local organising committee (LOC), together with members of the executive committee of the International Focus Group on Tephrochronology and Volcanism (INTAV), warmly welcome you to this international field conference ...
  • Hiroshi Machida −respected tephrochronologist, teacher, leader

    Suzuki, Takehiko; Moriwaki, Hiroshi; Lowe, David J. (Elsevier, 2011)
    Professor Emeritus Hiroshi Machida (Hiroshi hereafter) is the leading tephrochronologist of his generation in Japan. Perhaps more than any other geoscientist from Japan, Hiroshi carried the insights and advances of tephra ...
  • Preface: Enhancing tephrochronology and its application (INTREPID project): Hiroshi Machida commemorative volume

    Lowe, David J.; Davies, Siwan M.; Moriwaki, Hiroshi; Pearce, Nicholas J.G.; Suzuki, Takehiko (Elsevier, 2011)
    Tephrochronology is the characterization and use of tephras – the explosively-erupted, unconsolidated, pyroclastic products of volcanic eruptions – or cryptotephras (glass-shard and/or crystal concentrations not visible ...