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  • Development of a multispectral imaging system for apple firmness prediction

    Sun, Jason; Künnemeyer, Rainer; McGlone, Andrew; Rowe, Philip; Talele, Sadhana (2015)
    Multispectral imaging has been studied in recent years as a means of assessing fruit firmness. Here we report on the development of a static multispectral imaging system (MSI) that was used to validate the potential of the ...
  • Drug delivery by electroporation: Review

    Talele, Sadhana (Springer-Verlag, 2013)
    Drug delivery is the method or process of administering a pharmaceutical compound to achieve a therapeutic effect in humans or animals. Most common routes of administration include the preferred non-invasive peroral (through ...
  • Dynamic Electroporation Modelling

    Talele, Sadhana (The University of Waikato, 2009)
    In this thesis, modelling and simulation of the effects of electric fields on a single spherical cell are undertaken. Of interest is the effect that different electric field waveforms have on the induced transmembrane ...
  • Effective active learning strategies I have used in University class room

    Talele, Sadhana (International Association of Technology, Education and Development (IATED), 2013)
    In this paper I summarize the various activities used in class room and laboratory teaching of first and second year engineering. These activities can be grouped under ‘active learning’. I describe the activities and the ...
  • Implementation of the supercapacitor-assisted surge absorber (SCASA) technique in a practical surge protector

    Fernando, Jayathu; Kularatna, Nihal; Talele, Sadhana (2014)
    Their combination of large continuous energy ratings and very large time constants allows supercapacitors to be used in surge protection circuits. This fact, supported by recent research publications and laboratory tests, ...

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  • Optical Techniques for Fruit Firmness Assessment

    Rowe, Philip (University of Waikato, 2015)
    This thesis describes the design and development of a new high-speed multispectral imaging (MSI) system compatible with a commercial grading line. The purpose of this system was to carry out spatially resolved spectroscopy ...