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  • Inferring User Actions from Provenance Logs

    Li, Xin; Joshi, Chaitanya; Tan, Alan Y.S.; Ko, Ryan K.L. (IEEE, 2015)
    Progger, a kernel-spaced cloud data provenance logger which provides fine-grained data activity records, was recently developed to empower cloud stakeholders to trace data life cycles within and across clouds. Progger logs ...
  • Time for Cloud? Design and implementation of a time-based cloud resource management system

    Ko, Ryan K.L.; Tan, Alan Y.S.; Ng, Grace P.Y. (IEEE, 2014)
    The current pay-per-use model adopted by public cloud service providers has influenced the perception on how a cloud should provide its resources to end-users, i.e. on-demand and access to an unlimited amount of resources. ...
  • Virtual numbers for virtual machines?

    Tan, Alan Y.S.; Ko, Ryan K.L.; Mendiratta, Veena (IEEE, 2014)
    Knowing the number of virtual machines (VMs) that a cloud physical hardware can (further) support is critical as it has implications on provisioning and hardware procurement. However, current methods for estimating the ...

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