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  • Pontius Pilate and the Imperial Cult in Roman Judaea

    Taylor, Joan E. (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
    While Pontius Pilate is often seen as agnostic, in modern terms, the material evidence of his coinage and the Pilate inscription from Caesarea indicate a prefect determined to promote a form of Roman religion in Judaea. ...
  • Qumran Textiles in the Palestine Exploration Fund, London: Radiocarbon Dating Results

    Taylor, Joan E.; Rasmussen, Kaare L.; Doudna, Gregory; van der Plicht, Johannes; Egsgaard, Helge (2005-10)
    Three pieces of fabric from Qumran's Cave 1 have been stored in the Palestine Exploration Fund collection since the 1960s but have hitherto never been tested or re-examined. The fabric is made of linen, and was probably ...

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