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  • Environmental effects of ozone depletion and its interactions with climate change: progress report, 2009

    Andrady, Anthony; Aucamp, Pieter J.; Bais, Alkiviadis F.; Ballare, Carlos L.; Bjorn, Lars Olof; Bornman, Janet F.; Caldwell, Martyn M.; Cullen, Anthony P.; Erickson, David J.; de Gruijl, Frank R.; Hader, Donat- P.; Ilyas, Mohammad; Kulandaivelu, G.; Kumar, H. D.; Longstreth, Janice; McKenzie, Richard L.; Norval, Mary; Paul, Nigel; Redhwi, Halim Hamid; Smith, Raymond C.; Solomon, Keith R.; Sulzberger, Barbara; Takizawa, Yukio; Tang, Xiaoyan; Teramura, Alan H.; Torikai, Ayako; van der Leun, Jan C.; Wilson, Stephen R.; Worrest, Robert C.; Zepp, Richard G. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010)
    The parties to the Montreal Protocol are informed by three panels of experts. One of these is the Environmental Effects Assessment Panel (EEAP), which deals with UV radiation and its effects on human health, animals, plants, ...
  • Terrestrial ecosystems, increased solar ultraviolet radiation and interactions with other climatic change factors

    Caldwell, Martyn M.; Ballare, Carlos L.; Bornman, Janet F.; Flint, Stephen D.; Bjorn, Lars Olof; Teramura, Alan H.; Kulandaivelu, G.; Tevini, Manfred (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2007)
    Based on research to date, we can state some expectations about terrestrial ecosystem response as several elements of global climate change develop in coming decades. Higher plant species will vary considerably in their ...