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  • Attribution of 2022 early-spring heatwave in India and Pakistan to climate change: lessons in assessing vulnerability and preparedness in reducing impacts

    Zachariah, M; T, A; AchutaRao, KM; Saeed, F; Jha, R; Dhasmana, MK; Mondal, A; Bonnet, R; Vautard, R; Philip, S; Kew, S; Vahlberg, M; Singh, R; Arrighi, J; Heinrich, D; Thalheimer, L; Marghidan, CP; Kapoor, A; van Aalst, M; Raju, E; Li, S; Sun, J; Vecchi, GA; Yang, W; Hauser, M; Schumacher, DL; Seneviratne, SI; Harrington, Luke J.; Otto, FEL (IOP Publishing, 2023)
    In March 2022, large parts over the north Indian plains including the breadbasket region, and southern Pakistan began experiencing prolonged heat, which continued into May. The event was exacerbated due to prevailing dry ...
  • Limited role of climate change in extreme low rainfall associated with southern Madagascar food insecurity, 2019–21

    Harrington, Luke J.; Wolski, Piotr; Pinto, Izidine; Ramarosandratana, Anzelà Mamiarisoa; Barimalala, Rondrotiana; Vautard, Robert; Philip, Sjoukje; Kew, Sarah; Singh, Roop; Heinrich, Dorothy; Arrighi, J; Raju, E; Thalheimer, L; Razanakoto, T; van Aalst, M; Li, S; Bonnet, R; Yang, Wenchang; Otto, Friederike E. L.; van Oldenborgh, Greet Jan (IOP Publishing, 2022-12-01)
    Southern Madagascar recently experienced a severe food security crisis, made significantly worse by well below average rainfall from July 2019 to June 2021. This exceptional drought has affected a region with high pre-existing ...
  • Ten New Insights in Climate Science 2023/2024

    Bustamante, M; Roy, J; Ospina, D; Achakulwisut, P; Aggarwal, A; Bastos, A; Broadgate, W; Canadell, JG; Carr, ER; Chen, D; Cleugh, HA; Ebi, KL; Edwards, C; Farbotko, C; Fernández-Martínez, M; Frölicher, TL; Fuss, S; Geden, O; Gruber, N; Harrington, Luke J.; Hauck, J; Hausfather, Z; Hebden, S; Hebinck, A; Huq, S; Huss, M; Jamero, MLP; Juhola, S; Kumarasinghe, N; Lwasa, S; Mallick, B; Martin, M; McGreevy, S; Mirazo, P; Mukherji, A; Muttitt, G; Nemet, GF; Obura, D; Okereke, C; Oliver, T; Orlove, B; Ouedraogo, NS; Patra, PK; Pelling, M; Pereira, LM; Persson, Å; Pongratz, J; Prakash, A; Rammig, A; Raymond, C; Redman, A; Reveco, C; Rockström, J; Rodrigues, R; Rounce, DR; Schipper, ELF; Schlosser, P; Selomane, O; Semieniuk, G; Shin, Y-J; Siddiqui, TA; Singh, V; Sioen, GB; Sokona, Y; Stammer, D; Steinert, NJ; Suk, S; Sutton, R; Thalheimer, L; Thompson, V; Trencher, G; van der Geest, K; Werners, SE; Wübbelmann, T; Wunderling, N; Yin, J; Zickfeld, K; Zscheischler, J (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2023)
    Non-technical summary: We identify a set of essential recent advances in climate change research with high policy relevance, across natural and social sciences: (1) looming inevitability and implications of overshooting ...
  • Without human-caused climate change temperatures of 40°C in the UK would have been extremely unlikely

    Zachariah, Mariam; Vautard, Robert; Schumacher, Dominik L.; Vahlberg, Maja; Heinrich, Dorothy; Raju, Emmanuel; Thalheimer, L; Arrighi, Julie; Singh, R; Li, S; Sun, J; Vecchi, G; Yang, W; Seneviratne, SI; Tett, SFB; Harrington, Luke J.; Wolski, Piotr; Lott,Fraser C.; McCarthy, M; Tradowsky, Jordis S.; Otto, Friederike E. L. (World Weather Attribution, 2022-07-28)
    The 2022 heatwave is estimated to have led to at least 13 deaths from drowning. It brought challenging conditions for the NHS, with a spike in emergency calls, and care services supporting the elderly and vulnerable were ...