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  • Displaying 3D images: algorithms for single image random dot stereograms

    Witten, Ian H.; Inglis, Stuart J.; Thimbleby, Harold W. (Department of Computer Science, University of Waikato, 1993)
    This paper describes how to generate a single image which, when viewed in the appropriate way, appears to the brain as a 3D scene. The image is a stereogram composed of seemingly random dots. A new, simple and symmetric ...
  • Displaying 3D images: algorithms for single-image random-dot

    Thimbleby, Harold W.; Inglis, Stuart J.; Witten, Ian H. (1994-10-01)
    A new, simple, and symmetric algorithm can be implemented that results in higher levels of detail in solid objects than previously possible with autostereograms. In a stereoscope, an optical instrument similar to binoculars, ...
  • Explaining cryptographic systems

    Bell, Timothy C.; Thimbleby, Harold W.; Fellows, Mike; Witten, Ian H.; Koblitz, Neil; Powell, Matthew (Elsevier, 2003)
    Modern cryptography can achieve levels of security and authentication that non-specialists find literally incredible. Techniques including information-hiding protocols, zero-knowledge proofs and public key cryptosystems ...

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