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  • A 250-year periodicity in Southern Hemisphere westerly winds over the last 2600 years

    Turney, Chris S.M.; Jones, Richard T.; Fogwill, Christopher J.; Hatton J.; Williams, Alan N.; Hogg, Alan G.; Thomas, Zoë; Palmer, Jonathan G.; Mooney, S; Reimer, Ron W (European Geosciences Union (EGU), 2016)
    Middle Holocene cultures have been widely studied around the Eastern-Mediterranean basin in the last 30 years and past cultural activities have been commonly linked with regional climate changes. However, in many cases ...
  • Investigating subantarctic ¹⁴C ages of different peat components: site and sample selection for developing robust age models in dynamic landscapes

    Thomas, Zoë; Turney, Chris S.M.; Hogg, Alan G.; Williams, Alan N.; Fogwill, Christopher J. (University of Arizona, 2019)
    Precise radiocarbon (¹⁴C) dating of sedimentary sequences is important for developing robust chronologies of environmental change, but sampling of suitable components can be challenging in highly dynamic landscapes. Here ...
  • Multi-decadal variations in Southern Hemisphere atmospheric ¹⁴C: Evidence against a Southern Ocean sink at the end of the Little Ice Age CO₂ anomaly.

    Turney, Chris S.M.; Palmer, Jonathan G.; Hogg, Alan G.; Fogwill, Christopher J.; Jones, Richard; Bronk Ramsey, Christopher; Fenwick, Pavla; Grierson, Pauline; Wilmshurst, Janet; O'Donnell, Alison; Thomas, Zoë; Lipson, Mathew (American Geophysical Union, 2016)
    Northern Hemisphere-wide cooling during the Little Ice Age (LIA; CE 1650-1775) is associated with a ~5 ppmv decrease in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Changes in terrestrial and ocean carbon reservoirs have been postulated ...
  • Rapid global ocean-atmosphere response to Southern Ocean freshening during the last glacial

    Turney, Chris S.M.; Jones, Richard T.; Phipps, Steven J.; Thomas, Zoë; Hogg, Alan G.; Kershaw, A. Peter; Fogwill, Christopher J.; Palmer, Jonathan; Bronk Ramsey, Christopher; Adolphi, Florian; Muscheler, Raimund; Hughen, Konrad A.; Staff, Richard A.; Grosvenor, Mark; Golledge, Nicholas R.; Olander Rasmussen, Sune; Hutchinson, David K.; Haberle, Simon; Lorrey, Andrew; Boswijk, Gretel; Cooper, Alan (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
    Contrasting Greenland and Antarctic temperatures during the last glacial period (115,000 to 11,650 years ago) are thought to have been driven by imbalances in the rates of formation of North Atlantic and Antarctic Deep ...