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  • Duty factor is a viable measure to classify spontaneous running forms

    Patoz, Aurélien; Gindre, Cyrille; Thouvenot, Adrien; Mourot, Laurent; Hébert-Losier, Kim; Lussiana, Thibault (MDPI, 2019)
    Runners were classified using two different methods based on their spontaneous running form: (1) subjectively using the V®score from the Volodalen® scale, leading to terrestrial and aerial groups; and (2) objectively using ...
  • PIMP Your Stride: Preferred Running Form to Guide Individualized Injury Rehabilitation

    Gindre, Cyrille; Breine, Bastiaan; Patoz, Aurélien; Hébert-Losier, Kim; Thouvenot, Adrien; Mourot, Laurent; Lussiana, Thibault (Frontiers Media SA, 2022-05-31)
    Despite the wealth of research on injury prevention and biomechanical risk factors for running related injuries, their incidence remains high. It was suggested that injury prevention and reconditioning strategies should ...

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