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  • Arcs of supply chain integration

    Childerhouse, Paul; Towill, Denis R. (Taylor & Francis, 2011)
    Integration is posited by many authors as a supply chain utopia. Indeed, it is claimed as being synonymous with supply chain management excellence. The primary aim of this research is to verify the link between supply chain ...
  • Auditing improvements in a product delivery process (AIPDP)

    Childerhouse, Paul; Thomas, Andrew; Phillips, Gareth; Towill, Denis R. (Emerald, 2010)
    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to assess the appropriateness of using the 12 previously published material flow simplicity rules (SRs) to shape the successful design and implementation of improvements in a casting ...
  • Effective supply chain research via the quick scan audit methodology

    Childerhouse, Paul; Towill, Denis R. (Emerald, 2010)
    Purpose – This paper aims to provide an answer to the important question of how can accurate assessment of supply chain practice and performance be conducted? By conducting audits across a sample of value streams it is ...
  • The effects of schedule volatility on supply chain performance

    Childerhouse, Paul; Disney, Stephen M.; Towill, Denis R. (Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2009)
    Schedule volatility is an unfortunate fact of life facing most suppliers of both products and services. In this paper, we are concerned with establishing the magnitude of the problem faced and the resultant effects on ...
  • Enabling seamless market-orientated supply chains

    Childerhouse, Paul; Towill, Denis R. (Inderscience Publishers, 2006)
    A decade after the publication of the concept of smooth material flow via four fundamental principles related to the work of Jay Forrester and John Burbidge (FORRIDGE) the influence of this work on academe and industry is ...