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  • Developing non-verbal ways of knowing in dance: Collaborative school / university action research.

    Henderson, Clare L.; Fraser, Deborah; Cheesman, Sue; Tyson, Shirley (Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, 2007)
    Gardner (1983, 1993) has long argued that education privileges certain intelligences, primarily the linguistic and the logical-mathematical. As the arts tend to emphasise ways of knowing outside these intelligences, their ...
  • Examining and disrupting rituals of practice in the primary classroom

    Fraser, Deborah; Henderson, Clare L.; Price, Graham; Aitken, Vivienne Jane; Cheesman, Sue; Bevege, Fiona; Klemick, Amanda; Rose, Lisa; Tyson, Shirley (Routledge, 2009)
    Much of what happens in primary classrooms reflects a number of rituals and routines that have largely become an unconscious part of teachers' repertoires. While these 'rituals of practice' provide a framework or structure ...
  • Relational pedagogy and the arts.

    Fraser, Deborah; Price, Graham; Aitken, Vivienne Jane; Gilbert, Gay; Klemick, Amanda; Rose, Lisa; Tyson, Shirley (NZCER Press, 2007)
    This article explores the notion of “relational pedagogy” in the Arts (drama, dance, music, and visual art) starting with the teacher–child relationship, peer relationships, and building communities of enquiry.