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  • All in the family: The history and philosophy of Experimental Philosophy

    Sytsma, Justin; Ulatowski, Joseph; Gonnermann, Chad (de Gruyter, 2022)
    Experimental philosophy (or “x-phi”) is a way of doing philosophy. It is “traditional” philosophy, but with a little something extra: In addition to the expected philosophical arguments and engagement, x-phi involves the ...
  • Future intentions, plans, and the problem of Buridan's Ass

    Ulatowski, Joseph (, 2021)
    Suppose that: 1. an agent, S, is able to choose only one option, x or y; 2. S prefers neither x nor y in comparison to the other; and 3. S prefers having at least one of x or y to having none.1 Call this “the problem ...
  • "Schema" in Theories of Truth

    Ulatowski, Joseph (, 2021)
    This brief summary of “schema” aims to help novices better appreciate what a schema is, how it is used, and why it is important for theories of truth. The summary should not be interpreted as replacing original work on ...
  • Self as one and many narratives

    Ulatowski, Joseph (2021)
    There are different approaches to the narrative self. I limit myself to one approach that argues narratives have an important role to play in our lives without it being true that a narrative constitutes and creates the ...

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