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  • All in the family: The history and philosophy of Experimental Philosophy

    Sytsma, Justin; Ulatowski, Joseph; Gonnermann, Chad (de Gruyter, 2022)
    Experimental philosophy (or “x-phi”) is a way of doing philosophy. It is “traditional” philosophy, but with a little something extra: In addition to the expected philosophical arguments and engagement, x-phi involves the ...
  • Anti-irrationalism in Izydora Dąmbska (1904-1983)

    Ulatowski, Joseph (Paderborn University, 2023)
    A summary of Polish philosopher Izydora Dąmbska's views on logistic anti-irrationalism.
  • Breasts are not just battlefields: Breast cancer and metaphors

    Malik, Sara; Calude, Andreea S.; Ulatowski, Joseph (University of Waikato, 2023-11-29)
    We analyse how breast cancer patients use metaphor with respect to their illness. The medical humanities (Whitehead and Woods, 2016) already has a rich tradition of coming to appreciate how cancer is discussed by clinicians, ...
  • Dąmbska’s Concept of language and Kokoszyńska’s Refutation of Truth Relativism

    Ulatowski, Joseph (University of Waikato, 2023-12-12)
    Izydora Dąmbska and Maria Kokoszyńska-Lutmanowa may be listed among the most accomplished philosophers of twentieth century analytic philosophy. Despite this, their work has largely been underappreciated, especially by ...
  • Future intentions, plans, and the problem of Buridan's Ass

    Ulatowski, Joseph (, 2021)
    Suppose that: 1. an agent, S, is able to choose only one option, x or y; 2. S prefers neither x nor y in comparison to the other; and 3. S prefers having at least one of x or y to having none.1 Call this “the problem ...