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  • Audit committees and internal auditors: Using LMX for relationship analysis

    Osman, Mohammad Noor Hisham; Van Peursem, Karen A.; Eggleton, Ian R.C. (Waikato Management School, 2008-04)
    The purpose of this paper is to provide a theoretically-informed meaning for the ‘quality of the audit committee-internal auditor relationship’ construct and to provide a new instrument for its measure. Leader-Member ...
  • Audit education for future professionals: Perceptions of New Zealand auditors

    Chaffey, Jenna; Van Peursem, Karen A.; Low, Mary (Taylor and Francis Group, 2011)
    Audit professionals are charged with gathering evidence and expressing their opinions on the financial claims made by others. In New Zealand, as elsewhere, these opinions are relied upon for a myriad of decisions as to the ...
  • The Auditor’s Dilemma: An economic perspective on an old problem

    Van Peursem, Karen A. (Department of Accounting Working Paper Series, 2005-12)
    This paper analysis the pressures that come to bear on the financial auditor of corporate accounts. It is argued that the integrity and independence of the auditor is a portion of the service quality which they bring to ...
  • Detecting fraudulent financial reporting: Teaching the ‘Watchdog’ new tricks

    Bourke, Nicola Margaret; Van Peursem, Karen A. (Dept. of Accounting Working Paper Series, 2004-09)
    The purpose of this study is to identify those approaches and techniques from the literature which auditors could usefully employ to detect fraudulently complied financial statements. The classification which results ...
  • Ethics research: An accounting educator's perspective

    Van Peursem, Karen A.; Julian, A. (Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants, 2006)
    This review of ethics education in accounting shows the contributions of, and gaps in, existing work. The investigation can contribute directly to an ethics educational program, while shedding light on topics that could ...

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