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  • Climate change made record breaking early season heat in Argentina and Paraguay about 60 times more likely

    Rivera, Juan Antonio; Arias, PA; Sörensson, AA; Zachariah, M; Barnes, C; Philip, S; Kew, S; Vautard, R; Koren, G; Pinto, I; Vahlberg, M; Singh, R; Raju, E; Li, S; Yang, W; Vecchi, Gabriel A.; Harrington, Luke J.; Otto, Friederike E. L. (World Weather Attribution, 2022-12-21)
    Heatwaves are a regular occurrence in Paraguay and Argentina and as the attribution analysis indicates, these types of events are increasing in frequency and intensity, which adds urgency to the need to adapt to this new ...
  • The role of climate change in extreme rainfall associated with Cyclone Gabrielle over Aotearoa New Zealand’s East Coast

    Harrington, Luke J.; Dean, Sam M.; Awatere, Shaun; Rosier, Suzanne; Queen, Laura; Gibson, Peter B.; Barnes, Clair; Zachariah, Mariam; Philip, Sjoukje; Kew, Sarah; Koren, Gerbrand; Pinto, Izidine; Grieco, Matthew; Vahlberg, Maja; Snigh, Roop; Heinrich, Dorothy; Thalheimer, Lisa; Li, Sihan; Stone, Dáithí; Yang, Wenchang; Vecchi, Gabriel A.; Frame, David J.; Otto, Friederike E.L. (Grantham Institute., 2023-03-14)
    Aotearoa is a country with good channels for communicating forecasts of extreme rainfall. Significant warning was able to be given for Cyclone Gabrielle of expected heavy rainfall and the potential for rapidly rising rivers, ...