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  • Biogeochemical feedbacks to ocean acidification in a cohesive photosynthetic sediment

    Vopel, Kay; Marshall, Alexis; Brandt, Shelly Mia Marie; Hartland, Adam; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu; Cary, S. Craig; Pilditch, Conrad A. (Nature Portfolio, 2021)
    Ecosystem feedbacks in response to ocean acidification can amplify or diminish diel pH oscillations in productive coastal waters. Benthic microalgae generate such oscillations in sediment porewater and here we ask how CO₂ ...
  • Oxidation of surface sediment: effects of disturbance depth and seawater flow speed

    Vopel, Kay; Pilditch, Conrad A.; Wilson, Peter Stanley; Ellwood, Michael J. (Inter-Research, 2010)
    Periodic disturbance of surface sediment is a natural feature of marine environments. Following exposure to oxygenated seawater, the disturbed sediment oxidises leading to the recovery of its surface chemistry. Despite its ...

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