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  • Anomalous transport of cosmic rays in a nonlinear diffusion model

    Litvinenko, Yuri E.; Fichtner, Horst; Walter, Dominik (The American Astronomical Society, 2017)
    We investigate analytically and numerically the transport of cosmic rays following their escape from a shock or another localized acceleration site. Observed cosmic-ray distributions in the vicinity of heliospheric and ...
  • A perturbative approach to a nonlinear advection-diffusion equation of particle transport

    Walter, Dominik; Fichtner, Horst; Litvinenko, Yuri E. (AIP Publishing, 2020)
    We explore analytical techniques for modeling the nonlinear cosmic ray transport in various astrophysical environments which is of significant current research interest. While nonlinearity is most often described by coupled ...

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