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  • Latin squares with no transversals

    Cavenagh, Nicholas J.; Wanless, Ian M. (2017)
    Ak-plex in a latin square of ordernis a selection of kn entries that includes k representatives from each row and column and k occurrences of each symbol. A 1-plex is also known as a transversal. It is well known that ...
  • Mutually orthogonal binary frequency squares

    Britz, Thomas; Cavenagh, Nicholas J.; Mammoliti, Adam; Wanless, Ian M. (The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 2020)
    A frequency square is a matrix in which each row and column is a permutation of the same multiset of symbols. We consider only binary frequency squares of order n with n/2 zeros and n/2 ones in each row and column. Two ...
  • There are asymptotically the same number of Latin squares of each parity

    Cavenagh, Nicholas J.; Wanless, Ian M. (Cambridge University Press, 2016)
    A Latin square is reduced if its first row and column are in natural order. For Latin squares of a particular order n there are four possible different parities. We confirm a conjecture of Stones and Wanless by showing ...

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