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  • Certainly Unsupervisable States

    Ware, Simon; Malik, Robi; Mohajerani, Sahar; Fabian, Martin (Springer International Publishing, 2014)
    This paper proposes an abstraction method for compositional synthesis. Synthesis is a method to automatically compute a control program or supervisor that restricts the behaviour of a given system to ensure safety and ...
  • Compositional synthesis of discrete event systems using synthesis abstraction

    Mohajerani, Sahar; Malik, Robi; Ware, Simon; Fabian, Martin (IEEE, 2011)
    This paper proposes a general method to synthesize a least restrictive supervisor for a large discrete event system model, consisting of a large number of arbitrary automata representing the plants and specifications. A ...
  • Conflict-preserving abstraction of discrete event systems using annotated automata

    Ware, Simon; Malik, Robi (Springer, 2012)
    This paper proposes to enhance compositional verification of the nonblocking property of discrete event systems by introducing annotated automata. Annotations store nondeterministic branching information, which would ...
  • On the use of observation equivalence in synthesis abstraction

    Mohajerani, Sahar; Malik, Robi; Ware, Simon; Fabian, Martin (IEEE, 2011)
    In a previous paper we introduced the notion of synthesis abstraction, which allows efficient compositional synthesis of maximally permissive supervisors for large-scale systems of composed finite-state automata. In the ...
  • A process-algebraic semantics for generalised nonblocking.

    Ware, Simon; Malik, Robi (Australian Computer Society, Inc., 2012-01)
    Generalised nonblocking is a weak liveness property to express the ability of a system to terminate under given preconditions. This paper studies the notions of equivalence and refinement that preserve generalised nonblocking ...

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