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  • Analytic solutions of the magnetic annihilation and reconnection problems. I. Planar flow profiles

    Watson, P.G.; Craig, Ian J.D. (1997-01)
    The phenomena of steady-state magnetic annihilation and reconnection in the vicinity of magnetic nulls are considered. It is shown that reconnective solutions can be derived by superposing the velocity and magnetic fields ...
  • Dynamic planar magnetic reconnection solutions for incompressible plasmas

    Craig, Ian J.D.; Watson, P.G. (1999-05)
    The planar magnetic reconnection problem for viscous, resistive plasmas is addressed. We show that solutions can be developed by superposing transient nonlinear disturbances onto quiescent “background” fields. The disturbance ...
  • Exact models for hall current reconnection with axial guide fields

    Craig, Ian J.D.; Watson, P.G. (American Institute of Physics, 2004-12-06)
    This paper employs an analytic reconnection model to investigate the conditions under which Hall currents can influence reconnection and Ohmic dissipation rates. It is first noted that time dependent magnetohydrodynamic ...
  • Fast dynamic reconnection at X-type neutral points

    Craig, Ian J.D.; Watson, P.G. (1992)
    We consider the linear and nonlinear evolution of disturbed magnetic X-type neutral points. The problem is formulated within a unified analytic and computational framework which highlights the essence of the magnetic ...
  • Fast magnetic reconnection via jets and current microsheets

    Watson, P.G.; Craig, Ian J.D. (The American Astronomical Society, 2003-06)
    Numerical simulations of highly nonlinear magnetic reconnection provide evidence of ultrathin current microsheets. These small-scale sheets are formed by strong exhaust jets from a primary large-scale current layer. The ...

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