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  • The equilibrium model for the effect of temperature on enzymes: Insights and implications

    Weinberg, Cristina S.; Daniel, Roy M.; Monk, Colin R.; Danson, Michael J.; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu (Teknoscienze SRL, 2008)
    A new, experimentally-validated “Equilibrium Model” describes the effect of temperature on enzymes, and provides a new mechanism for the reversible loss of enzyme activity with temperature. It incorporates two new, fundamental ...
  • The molecular basis of the effect of temperature on enzyme activity

    Daniel, Roy M.; Peterson, Michelle E.; Danson, Michael J.; Price, Nicholas C.; Kelly, Sharon M.; Monk, Colin R.; Weinberg, Cristina S.; Oudshoorn, Matthew Leslie; Lee, Charles Kai-Wu (Portland Press Ltd, 2010)
    Experimental data show that the effect of temperature on enzymes cannot be adequately explained in terms of a two-state model based on increases in activity and denaturation. The Equilibrium Model provides a quantitative ...