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  • Case studies

    Weyers, Benjamin; Harrison, Michael D.; Bowen, Judy; Dix, Alan; Palanque, Philippe (Springer, 2017)
    This chapter introduces a set of case studies that are used in the rest of the book. They encompass well known problem domains in Human-Computer Interaction research and provide a practical focus for the approaches presented ...
  • State of the art on formal methods for interactive systems

    Oliveira, Raquel; Palanque, Philippe; Weyers, Benjamin; Bowen, Judy; Dix, Alan (Springer, 2017)
    This chapter provides an overview of several formal approaches for the design, specification, and verification of interactive systems. For each approach presented, we describe how they support both modelling and verification ...
  • Topics of formal methods in HCI

    Bowen, Judy; Dix, Alan; Palanque, Philippe; Weyers, Benjamin (Springer International Publishing, 2017)
    In this chapter, we present an overview of some of the general themes and topics that can be seen in research into formal methods in human–computer interaction. We discuss how the contents of the rest of the book relate ...
  • Trends and gaps

    Dix, Alan; Weyers, Benjamin; Bowen, Judy; Palanque, Philippe (Springer, 2017)
    This chapter attempts to identify future research directions for formal methods in HCI. It does this using two main approaches. First, we will look at trends within HCI more broadly and the challenges these pose for formal ...
  • Trends on Engineering Interactive Systems: an overview of works presented in workshops at EICS 2019

    Distante, Damiano; Winckler, Marco; Bernhaupt, Regina; Bowen, Judy; Campos, José Creissac; Müller, Florian; Palanque, Philippe; Van den Bergh, Jan; Weyers, Benjamin; Voit, Alexandra (ACM, 2019)
    Workshops are a great opportunity for identifying innovative topics of research that might require discussion and maturation. This paper summarizes the outcomes of the workshops track of the 11th Engineering Interactive ...