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  • A 28,000 year old excavated painted rock from Nawarla Gabarnmang, northern Australia

    David, Bruno O.; Barker, Bryce; Petchey, Fiona; Delannoy, Jean-Jacques; Geneste, Jean-Michel; Rowe, Cassandra; Eccleston, Mark; Lamb, Lara; Whear, Ray (Elsevier, 2013)
    We report new archaeological excavations from northern Australia revealing part of a charcoal design likely to be c. 28,000 years old (and chrono-stratigraphically constrained within the period 15,600-45,600 cal BP) on a ...
  • Earliest evidence for ground-edge axes: 35,400±410 cal BP from Jawoyn Country, Arnhem Land

    Geneste, Jean-Michel; David, Bruno O.; Plisson, Hugues; Clarkson, Chris; Delannoy, Jean-Jacques; Petchey, Fiona; Whear, Ray (Australian Archaeology Association, 2010)
    Evidence for the world’s earliest stone tools dates to 3.4 million years ago and pre-dates the earliest known Homo species in eastern Africa. However ground-edged tools did not appear until the dispersal of cognitively ...
  • Postcards from the outside: European-contact rock art imagery and occupation on the southern Arnhem Land plateau, Jawoyn lands

    Gunn, Robert; David, Bruno O.; Whear, Ray; James, Daniel; Petchey, Fiona; Chalmin, Emilie; Castets, Géraldine; Barker, Bryce; Geneste, Jean-Michel; Delannoy, Jean-Jacques (ANU Press, 2017)
    The northwestern region of the Arnhem Land plateau has long been relatively well-documented and is renowned worldwide for its wealth of rock art, including numerous paintings referencing items of material culture, people ...