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  • Modeling sunspot and starspot decay by turbulent erosion

    Litvinenko, Yuri E.; Wheatland, M.S. (The American Astronomical Society, 2015-02-20)
    Disintegration of sunspots (and starspots) by fluxtube erosion, originally proposed by Simon and Leighton, is considered. A moving boundary problem is formulated for a nonlinear diffusion equation that describes the sunspot ...
  • Sunspot and Starspot lifetimes in a turbulent erosion model

    Litvinenko, Yuri E.; Wheatland, M.S. (2017)
    Quantitative models of sunspot and starspot decay predict the timescale of magnetic diffusion and may yield important constraints in stellar dynamo models. Motivated by recent measurements of starspot lifetimes, we investigate ...
  • Toward a reconnection model for solar flare statistics

    Wheatland, M.S.; Craig, Ian J.D. (American Astronomical Society, 2003-09)
    A model to account for observed solar flare statistics in terms of a superposition of independent random flaring elements (assumed to be sites of magnetic reconnection in the coronal magnetic field and hence termed ...

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