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  • Chemical and rheological aspects of gel formation in the California Mastitis Test

    Whyte, David; Walmsley, Michael R.W.; Liew, Alvin; Claycomb, Rod; Mein, Graeme (Cambridge University Press, 2005)
    The rheological properties of the CMT gel were analysed. Data are presented to demonstrate that the gel is a non-homogenous, visco-elastic, non-Newtonian fluid with rheopectic, and rheodestructive behaviour. The fundamental ...
  • Rheology of the gel formed in the California Mastitis Test

    Verbeek, Casparus Johan R.; Xia, Stephen S.; Whyte, David (Cambridge University Press, 2008)
    The California Mastitis Test has previously been adapted for use in an inline, cow-side sensor and relies on the fact that the viscosity of the gel formed during the test is proportional to the somatic cell concentration. ...