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  • Seeding strategies for semantic disambiguation

    Hinze, Annika; Bainbridge, David; Wilkins, Rebekah; Taube-Schock, Craig; Downie, J. Stephen (ACM, 2018)
    Semantic disambiguation determines the meaning of words and phrases in a text, for which we use an automatically-generated Concept-in-Context (CiC) network. Words and phrases rarely belong to a single concept; disambiguation ...
  • Urban narrative: Value based urban design

    Mackness, Kate; Dyer, Mark; Dyer, Rachel; Hinze, Annika; Garcia Ferrari, Tomás; Wu, Shaoqun; Wilkins, Rebekah; Weng, Min-Hsien (2019)
    Urban Narrative focuses on the social dimension within urban design which is often overlooked in practice which examines human values and needs as a means to inform design practice. The project has been working in partnership ...