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  • Killing–Yano tensors and variable separation in Kerr geometry

    Kalnins, Ernie G.; Miller, W., Jr.; Williams, G.C. (1989-10)
    A complete analysis of the free-field massless spin-s equations (s=0, (1)/(2) ,1) in Kerr geometry is given. It is shown that in each case the separation constants occurring in the solutions obtained from a potential ...
  • Matrix operator symmetries of the Dirac equation and separation of variables

    Kalnins, Ernie G.; Miller, W., Jr.; Williams, G.C. (1986-07)
    The set of all matrix-valued first-order differential operators that commute with the Dirac equation in n-dimensional complex Euclidean space is computed. In four dimensions it is shown that all matrix-valued second-order ...
  • Superintegrability in three-dimensional Euclidean space

    Kalnins, Ernie G.; Williams, G.C.; Miller, W., Jr.; Pogosyan, G.S. (1999-02)
    Potentials for which the corresponding Schrödinger equation is maximally superintegrable in three-dimensional Euclidean space are studied. The quadratic algebra which is associated with each of these potentials is constructed ...
  • Symmetry operators and separation of variables for spin-wave equations in oblate spheroidal coordinates

    Kalnins, Ernie G.; Williams, G.C. (1990-07)
    A family of second-order differential operators that characterize the solution of the massless spin s field equations, obtained via separation of variables in oblate spheroidal coordinates and using a null tetrad is found. ...
  • Teukolsky–Starobinsky identities for arbitrary spin

    Kalnins, Ernie G.; Miller, W., Jr.; Williams, G.C. (1989-12)
    The Teukolsky–Starobinsky identities are proven for arbitrary spin s. A pair of covariant equations are given that admit solutions in terms of Teukolsky functions for general s. The method of proof is shown to extend to ...

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