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  • Early intervention services: Effectively supporting Maori children and their families

    Berryman, Mere; Woller, Paul Robert (Massey University, 2011)
    This paper examines Early Intervention (EI) service provision from within one Ministry of Education region in New Zealand. It does this in order to better understand what works well and what needs to change if children ...
  • Learning about inclusion by listening to Māori

    Berryman, Mere; Woller, Paul Robert (Routledge, 2011)
    Behavioural and learning difficulties experienced by students from minoritised cultural groups often arise because their cultural beliefs, values and preferred practices differ markedly from those of their teachers and ...
  • Popoia te reo kia penapena: Nurture the language

    Berryman, Mere; Togo, Tracey; Woller, Paul Robert; Glynn, Ted (The University of Waikato, 2009)
    Research to develop a Māori language screening tool (Specialist Education Services, 2001), identified that students entering Māori Medium at five, could be classified into one of four Māori language competency, groups. ...
  • Responsive socio-cultural contexts: Supporting five year olds to become literate in a second language.

    Berryman, Mere; Woller, Paul Robert; McDonald, Riria (Faculty of Education, University of Waikato, 2012)
    Learning one's own indigenous language and culture as a second language learner within formal mainstream education settings can pose many challenges, especially for students who have been raised in the dominant first ...
  • Supervising research in Māori cultural contexts: a decolonizing, relational response

    Berryman, Mere; Glynn, Ted; Woller, Paul Robert (Routledge, 2017)
    We have collaborated for 25 years as indigenous Māori and non- Māori researchers undertaking research with Māori families, their schools and communities. We have endeavored to meet our responsibilities to the Māori ...

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