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  • Content-Based Language Learning in a Digital Library

    Wu, Shaoqun; Witten, Ian H. (Springer, 2007)
    Digital libraries have untapped potential for supporting language teaching and learning. This paper describes a new scheme for automating topic-specific language learning using a specially built digital library. Three ...
  • A digital library of language learning exercises

    Wu, Shaoqun; Witten, Ian H.; Edwards, Arthur; Nichols, David M.; Aquino, Raúl (Kassel University Press, 2007)
    Recent years have seen widespread adoption of the Internet for language teaching and learning. Interactive systems on the World-Wide Web provide useful alternatives to face-to-face tuition, and both teachers and learners ...
  • FLAX: Flexible and open corpus-based language collections development

    Fitzgerald, Alannah; Wu, Shaoqun; Marín, María José (, 2015)
    In this case study we present innovative work in building open corpus-based language collections by focusing on a description of the opensource multilingual Flexible Language Acquisition (FLAX) language project, which is ...
  • How to express your feelings (with a little help from Google)

    Wu, Shaoqun (2008)
    This paper describes an attempt to capitalize on the vast amount of human-generated text readily available on the Web to help language learners express their own feelings. We avoid errors, idiosyncrasies, and other dross ...
  • Investigating an open methodology for designing domain-specific language collections

    Fitzgerald, Alannah; Wu, Shaoqun; Barge, Martin (, 2014)
    With this research and design paper, we are proposing that Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Open Access (OA) publications give increasing access to high quality online educational and research content for the development ...

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