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  • Canberra-planning cross-linguistic disagreement: a few remarks

    Wyatt, Jeremy (2022)
    My remarks will focus on two questions: • What methods should we use in investigating the nature of disagreement? • What do these methods tell us about the possibility of cross-linguistic disagreement?
  • Editorial introduction to ‘truth: concept meets property’

    Wyatt, Jeremy (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020)
    The papers in this special issue investigate a range of topics that pertain to the distinction between the concept and the property of truth. The distinction between property concepts and the properties that they pick out ...
  • In defence of the villain: Edwards on deflationism and pluralism

    Wyatt, Jeremy (Routledge, 2022)
    In The Metaphysics of Truth, Doug Edwards offers a sustained case against deflationism about truth and in favour of his preferred pluralist theory of truth. Here, I take up three of the main components of that case. The ...
  • Primitivist theories of truth: Their history and prospects

    Wyatt, Jeremy (Wiley, 2022)
    Primitivists about truth maintain that truth cannot be analysed in more fundamental terms. Defences of primitivism date back to the early years of analytic philosophy, being offered by G.E. Moore, Bertrand Russell, and ...
  • The prospects of primitivism

    Wyatt, Jeremy (2020)
    Primitivist theories of truth date back at least to the origins of analytic philosophy, being defended by Moore, Russell, and Frege. A number of contemporary philosophers have also defended primitivist truth theories, with ...