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  • Balanced cross-section and crustal shortening analysis in the Tanggula-Tuotuohe Area, Northern Tibet

    Li, Yalin; Wang, Chengshan; Ma, Chao; Xu, Ganqing; Zhao, Xixi (SpringerLink, 2011)
    The Tanggula (唐古拉) thrust system and the Tuotuohe (沱沱河) foreland basin, which represent major Cenozoic tectonic units of the central Tibetan plateau, have been recently studied. Field investigation, analyses of deformation ...
  • Flexural bending of southern Tibet in a retro-foreland setting.

    Wang, Erchie; Kamp, Peter J.J.; Xu, Ganqing; Hodges, Kip V.; Meng, Kai; Chen, Lin; Wang, Gang; Luo, Hui (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-07-15)
    The highest elevation of the Tibetan Plateau, lying 5,700m above sea level, occurs within the part of the Lhasa block immediately north of the India-Tibet suture zone (Yarlung Zangbo suture zone, YZSZ), being 700m higher ...