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  • Exploring usability evaluation of localised software in Malaysia

    Yeo, Alvin (The University of Waikato, 2002)
    This thesis postulates the theory that software usability evaluation should be adapted to the culture in which it is carried out. An experiment has been conducted to explore the effectiveness of usability assessment tools ...
  • Internationalising a spreadsheet for Pacific Basin languages

    Barbour, Robert H.; Yeo, Alvin (Department of Computer Science, University of Waik, 1997-07)
    As people trade and engage in commerce, an economically dominant culture tends to migrate language into other recently contacted cultures. Information technology (IT) can accelerate enculturation and promote the expansion ...
  • Language use in software

    Yeo, Alvin; Barbour, Robert H. (1997-07)
    Many of the popular software we use today are in English. Very few software applications are available in minority languages. Besides economic goals, we justify why software should be made available to smaller cultures. ...
  • Localising a spreadsheet: an Iban example

    Yeo, Alvin; Barbour, Robert H. (1997-07)
    Presently, there is little localisation of software to smaller cultures if it is not economically viable. We believe software should also be localised to the languages of small cultures in order to sustain and preserve ...
  • Software for the rest of the world

    Yeo, Alvin; Barbour, Robert H. (1996-02)
    A survey is made of facets of the process of providing software across national and cultural boundaries. Internationalisation (i18n), localisation (1 10n) and globalisation (g11n) are identified as three descriptors for ...

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