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  • FARF: A Fair and Adaptive Random Forests Classifier

    Zhang, Wenbin; Bifet, Albert; Zhang, Xiangliang; Weiss, Jeremy C.; Nejdl, Wolfgang (Springer, 2021)
    As Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in more applications, the need to consider and mitigate biases from the learned models has followed. Most works in developing fair learning algorithms focus on the offline setting. ...
  • FEAT: A fairness-enhancing and concept-adapting decision tree classifier

    Zhang, Wenbin; Bifet, Albert (Springer, 2020-10-15)
    Fairness-aware learning is increasingly important in socially-sensitive applications for the sake of achieving optimal and non-discriminative decision-making. Most of the proposed fairness-aware learning algorithms process ...
  • Incremental mining of frequent serial episodes considering multiple occurrences

    Guyet, Thomas; Zhang, Wenbin; Bifet, Albert (Springer, 2022-01-01)
    The need to analyze information from streams arises in a variety of applications. One of its fundamental research directions is to mine sequential patterns over data streams. Current studies mine series of items based on ...

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