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  • BlockCopy-based operators for evolving efficient wind farm layouts

    Mayo, Michael; Zheng, Chen (IEEE, 2016)
    A novel search operator, BlockCopy, is proposed for efficiently solving the wind farm layout optimisation problem. BlockCopy, which can be used either as mutation or a crossover operator, copies patterns of turbines from ...
  • The 'DEEP' Landing Error Scoring System

    Hébert-Losier, Kim; Hanzlíková, Ivana; Zheng, Chen; Streeter, Lee; Mayo, Michael (MDPI, 2020)
    The Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) is an injury-risk screening tool used in sports; but scoring is time consuming, clinician-dependent, and generally inaccessible outside of elite sports. Our aim is to evidence that ...
  • Randomising block sizes for BlockCopy-based wind farm layout optimisation

    Mayo, Michael; Daoud, Maisa; Zheng, Chen (Springer International Publishing AG, 2016)
    The BlockCopy stochastic local search algorithm is a state-of-the-art optimiser for the Wind Farm Layout Optimisation problem. Unlike many other metaheuristics-based optimisers, BlockCopy requires the specification of only ...
  • Surrogate-Assisted Evolutionary Algorithms for Wind Farm Layout Optimisation Problem

    Zheng, Chen (University of Waikato, 2016)
    Due to the increasing need for computationally expensive optimisation in many real-world applications, surrogate-assisted evolutionary algorithms have attracted growing attention. In the literature, surrogate-assisted ...

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