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  • Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in fishes from Taihu Lake, China

    Chi, Qiao-Qiao; Zhu, Guangwei; Langdon, Alan (Elsevier, 2007)
    The Cr, Zn, Cu, Cd, Pb contents were determined in Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, Carassius auratus Linnaeus, Hypophthalmichthys molitrix and Aristichthys nobilis, which were caught from Meiliang Bay, Taihu Lake, a large, shallow ...
  • A Global lake ecological observatory network (GLEON) for synthesising high-frequency sensor data for validation of deterministic ecological models

    Hamilton, David P.; Carey, Cayelan C.; Arvola, Lauri; Arzberger, Peter; Brewer, Carol; Cole, Jon J.; Gaiser, Evelyn; Hanson, Paul C.; Ibelings, Bas W.; Jennings, Eleanor; Kratz, Tim K.; Lin, Fang-Pang; McBride, Chris G.; Marques, David de Motta; Muraoka, Kohji; Nishri, Ami; Qin, Boqiang; Read, Jordan S.; Rose, Kevin C.; Ryder, Elizabeth; Weathers, Kethleen C.; Zhu, Guangwei; Trolle, Dennis; Brookes, Justin D. (Freshwater Biological Association, 2015)
    A Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON; has formed to provide a coordinated response to the need for scientific understanding of lake processes, utilising technological advances available from ...
  • The Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON): the evolution of grassroots network science

    Weathers, Kathleen; Hanson, Paul C.; Arzberger, Peter; Brentrup, Jennifer; Brookes, Justin D.; Carey, Cayelan C.; Gaiser, Evelyn; Hamilton, David P.; Hong, Grace S.; Ibelings, Bas W.; Istvánovics, Vera; Jennings, Eleanor; Kim, Bomchul; Kratz, Tim; Lin, Fang-Pang; Muraoka, Kohji; O’Reilly, Catherine; Piccolo, Cintia; Ryder, Elizabeth; Zhu, Guangwei (ASLO, 2013)
    Nine years later, with over 380 members from 40 countries, and 50 publications to its credit, GLEON is growing at a rapid pace and pushing the boundaries of the practice of network science. GLEON is really three networks: ...
  • The influence of water quality and sediment geochemistry on the horizontal and vertical distribution of phosphorus and nitrogen in sediments of a large, shallow lake

    Trolle, Dennis; Zhu, Guangwei; Hamilton, David P.; Luo, Liancong; McBride, Chris G.; Zhang, Lu (Springer, Netherlands, 2009)
    Distinct horizontal water column concentration gradients of nutrients and chlorophyll a (Chl a) occur within large, shallow, eutrophic Lake Taihu, China. Concentrations are high in the north, where some of the major polluted ...