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  • Adoption of innovative e-learning support for teaching: A multiple case study at the University of Waikato

    Johnson, E. Marcia; Cowie, Bronwen; de Lange, Willem P.; Falloon, Garry; Hight, Craig; Khoo, Elaine G.L. (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education, 2011)
    In response to recent social, economic, and pedagogical challenges to tertiary-level teaching and learning, universities are increasingly investigating and adopting elearning as a way to engage and motivate students. This ...
  • Burial and degradation of Rena oil within coastal sediments of the Bay of Plenty

    de Lange, Willem P.; de Groot, Neeltje, P.H.M.; Moon, Vicki G. (Royal Society of New Zealand, 2016)
    During the Rena oil spill, no data existed for New Zealand conditions on the likely depth of burial and the expected degradation of oil deposited on sandy beaches. Sediment cores were taken from 12 locations along the Bay ...
  • Coastal hazards of the Bay of Plenty coast [Field Trip FT3]

    de Lange, Willem P. (Geological Society of NZ Miscellaneous Publication 110B, 2001)
    The latest GSNZ fieldtrip to examine coastal processes in the Bay of Plenty ran in 1988. In the intervening 13 years there have been changes in both the legislative framework and our scientific understanding that affect ...
  • Coastal oceanography and sedimentology in New Zealand, 1967-91.

    Hume, Terry M.; Bell, Robert G.; de Lange, Willem P.; Healy, Terry R.; Hicks, D. Murray; Kirk, R.M. (1992)
    This paper reviews research that has taken place on physical oceanography and sedimentology on New Zealand's estuaries and the inner shelf since c. 1967. It includes estuarine sedimentation, tidal inlets, beach morphodynamics, ...
  • Comments on GWRC Draft Climate Change Strategy

    de Lange, Willem P. (2015-06-19)
    Considering the sea level projections adopted by the DCCS, the key points are: a) Due to vertical land movements, the magnitude of relative sea level changes around the coast of the Wellington region varies significantly, ...

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