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  • Busting myths on water weeds

    de Winton, Mary (LakesWater Quality Society, 2015)
    Troublesome aquatic weeds have been an issue for the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes for decades, but what do we really know about what drives water weed problems? Some common held beliefs about water weeds are ‘one weed is as bad ...
  • Effects of climate change on New Zealand Lakes

    Goldman, Charles R.; Kumagai, Michio; Robarts, Richard D.; Hamilton, David P.; McBride, Chris G.; Özkundakci, Deniz; Schallenberg, Marc; Verburg, Piet; de Winton, Mary; Kelly, David; Hendy, Chris H.; Ye, Wei (Wiley, 2013)
    This chapter contains sections titled: -Introduction -Geographical and climate perspective -Historical climate -Future climate -Overview of lake types and formation processes -Climate change and impacts on endemic ...
  • Fish exclosures versus intensive fishing to restore charophytes in a shallow New Zealand lake

    Dugdale, Tony M.; Hicks, Brendan J.; de Winton, Mary; Taumoepeau, Aleki (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2006)
    1. Disturbance by alien, herbivorous and benthivorous fish species has previously been found to limit the colonization of native charophytes in Lake Rotoroa, Hamilton. This paper compares two methods to reduce the impact ...
  • Review of best management practices for aquatic vegetation control in stormwater ponds, wetlands, and lakes

    de Winton, Mary; Jones, Hannah Frances Emily; Edwards, Tracey; Özkundakci, Deniz; Wells, Rohan; McBride, Chris G.; Rowe, David K.; Hamilton, David P.; Clayton, John; Champion, Paul; Hofstra, Deborah (2013)
    Auckland Council (AC) is responsible for the development and operation of a stormwater network across the region to avert risks to citizens and the environment. Within this stormwater network, aquatic vegetation (including ...
  • Strategies to manage aquatic plants

    de Winton, Mary (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    I am the first of three presenters this afternoon who are going to focus on aquatic weed management. I have the title Strategies to Manage Aquatic Plants - Towards Shared Understanding and I know what you are all thinking, ...

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  • Charophyte Response to Herbicide and Mycoherbicide Applications

    Kelly, Chrystal Leigh (University of Waikato, 2011)
    This thesis describes an investigation into the impacts on charophytes of four selected aquatic herbicide and a mycoherbicide products currently used or under development in New Zealand for alien invasive aquatic plant ...