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  • Binding data mining and expert knowledge for one-day-ahead prediction of hourly global solar radiation

    del Campo-Ávila, José; Takilalte, Abdelatif; Bifet, Albert; Mora-López, Llanos (2021)
    A new methodology to predict one-day-ahead hourly solar global radiation is proposed in this paper. This information is very useful to address many real problems; for instance, energy-market decision making is one of the ...
  • GNUsmail: Open framework for on-line email classification

    Carmona-Cejudo, José M.; Baena-García, Manuel; del Campo-Ávila, José; Morales-Bueno, Rafael; Bifet, Albert (IOS Press, 2011)
    Real-time classification of massive email data is a challenging task that presents its own particular difficulties. Since email data presents an important temporal component, several problems arise: emails arrive continuously, ...