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  • 1080 and the fight to save New Zealand's wildlife

    Hansford, Dave (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    I grinned when I saw the title of the symposium was ‘Troublemakers’. I am here because I wrote ‘Protecting Paradise’ and in it I looked at the science around 1080. I explored some of the popular myths and fallacies around ...
  • Annual mayoral speaker form: Sustainability

    Unknown author (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    Annual mayoral speaker form
  • Best practice toolbox for whole of lake weed strategies

    Champion, Paul (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    l will talk about work I have been doing on the Regional Council’s best practice toolboxes to provide management for a whole of lake weed strategy. It is a two year MBIE Envirolink funded project initiated in October 2016. ...
  • Case study - Hunua 1080 project

    Ward, Mace; Kelleher, Rachel (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    Thank you very much for the welcome. You will notice that there is more than one of us. I am very pleased to have one of the real people who led the case study that we will talk about. Rachel Kelleher is the Manager of our ...
  • Catfish in Lake Taupo

    Dedual, Michel (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    I am here to explain how we have been dealing with catfish in Lake Taupo and also the research that we have done.
  • Chemical control of lake weeds

    Wells, Rohan (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    I am going to talk about aquatic herbicides or chemical control and look at the range of aquatic herbicides that have already been tested or to be tested. We will look at diquat and endothall, address the knowledge and use ...
  • Clean lakes - What value? What cost?

    Mueller, Hannah (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    Kia ora everyone and thank you so much for making it back to the last session of this wonderful symposium. Thank you so much to the LakesWater Quality Society for inviting me here to speak today. I am excited by the ...
  • Closing comments

    Unknown author (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    Closing comments of LakesWater Quality Society Symposium 2017
  • The cost of aquatic weed control in the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes

    Champion, Paul; Wells, Rohan (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    We will present information on the costs of aquatic weed control in the Rotorua, Te Arawa Lakes and thank all of the people who have willingly given us their estimated costs. Hopefully, this provides guidance on what current ...
  • The cultural perspective: Lakeweed and pest animals

    Douglas, Nicki (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    I have been with the Department of Conservation for about 15 years now and worked in Rotorua for 11 of those 15 years in various roles. I was lucky enough to be the Operations Manager for Lake Tarawera so I have a very ...
  • Deoxygenation impacts of lake weed

    Gibbs, Max M.; Howard-Williams, Clive (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    This talk came about from a series of questions that were asked at a TAG meeting in May 2016. These included: 1) What are the consequences of invasive weed growth? 2) What is the succession of species invasion and will ...
  • Editor's note - Lakeswater Quality society 2017 Symposium proceedings

    Green, Ann (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    Editor's note
  • Farmer perspective

    Sutton, Chris (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    We are beef farmers now. We went to the Rerewhakaaitu area as dairy farmers and four years ago, on 23 September 2013, we sold the dairy cows and moved into a beef unit. We have been a beef unit ever since on 100 hectares. ...
  • Foreword - Rotorua Lakes Symposium 2017

    Atkinson, Don (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    This was the Society’s 10th Symposium and was held at the Millennium Hotel, Rotorua on the 31St August and 1st September. It built on our 2015 Lake Weed and Wallabies Symposium and themed around eradication of catfish, the ...
  • Groundwater study - The eight lakes catchment

    White, Paul (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    I would like to quickly romp over some of the science we have done since 2002 in the Greater Tarawera catchment, focusing on results. I hope to give people a flavour of what we think is going on in each of the 8 lakes in ...
  • The impact of 1080 on aquatic ecology

    Suren, Alastair (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    I was at NIWA in Christchurch before coming north to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. I became involved with the following studies as a result of what could best be described as a low-key assessment of a 1080 drop on ...
  • Key note speakers

    Unknown author (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    Introductions of key note speakers
  • Kōura in the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes and potential effects of catfish

    Kusabs, Ian (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    I am going to talk about kōura and the novel sampling method we are using, then talk about the population characteristics of kōura in the Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes, including results from my PhD research, the Lake Taupō ...
  • Lake biosecurity - Local actions and results

    Lass, Hamish (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    Thank you, I keep my biography short and sharp and probably should add that in a cruel twist I was born the year hornwort first invaded Lake Rotorua. I have been working from the Rotorua office for 11 years as a biosecurity ...
  • Lake Rotoiti catfish incursion: Something new or the Emergence of an old problem?

    Hicks, Brendan J. (LakesWater Quality Society, 2017)
    Kia ora everybody. I have been involved in pest fish research, control and generally understanding their life history and what we might do about them. For a number of years I have been called in by Bay of Plenty Regional ...