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  • Magnetic annihilation and reconnection in two dimensions

    Watson, P.G.; Craig, Ian J.D. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 1998-09)
    The problems of incompressible, planar, magnetic annihilation and reconnection are discussed. We first emphasize that steady-state reconnection solutions can be constructed from annihilation models involving harmonic ...
  • The power output of spine and fan magnetic reconnection solutions

    Craig, Ian J.D.; Fabling, R.B.; Watson, P.G. (1997-08)
    The ability of three-dimensional magnetic “spine” and “fan” reconnection solutions to provide flarelike energy release is discussed. It is pointed out, on the basis of exact analytic solutions, that fast dissipation is ...
  • Shear wave dissipation in planar magnetic X-Points

    Craig, Ian J.D.; McClymont, A.N. (1997-06)
    The resistive dissipation of nonlinear shear wave disturbances is discussed. We consider an incompressible, “open” X-point geometry, in which mass and energy are free to enter and leave the reconnection region. An analytic ...