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  • Electromagnetic damper control strategies for light weight electric vehicles

    Fow, Alista John; Duke, Mike (IEEE, 2016)
    An investigation is conducted into the performance of passive, semi-active and active electromagnetic dampers. Theoretical models are constructed of the dampers and these are included in two degree of freedom models of the ...
  • Robotic kiwifruit harvesting using machine vision, convolutional neural networks, and robotic arms

    Williams, Henry A.M.; Jones, Mark Hedley; Nejati, Mahla; Seabright, Matthew; Bell, Jamie; Penhall, Nicky D.; Barnett, Josh; Duke, Mike; Scarfe, Alastair J.; Ahn, Ho Seok; Lim, JongYoon; MacDonald, Bruce A. (Elsevier, 2019)
    As labour requirements in horticultural become more challenging, automated solutions are becoming an effective approach to maintain productivity and quality. This paper presents the design and performance evaluation of a ...
  • Robotic Pollination - Targeting kiwifruit flowers for commercial application

    Barnett, Josh; Seabright, Matthew; Williams, Henry A.M.; Nejati, Mahla; Scarfe, Alastair J.; Bell, Jamie; Jones, Mark Hedley; Martinson, P.; Schaare, P.; Duke, Mike (2017)
    This paper contains the initial evaluation of a novel platform mounted robotic pollination system. Advancement in artificial pollination is an important step forward in agricultural sectors due to the global decline of ...
  • Time-of-flight perception pipeline for selective green asparagus harvesting: Theory and application

    Peebles, Matthew Christopher Scott (The University of Waikato, 2021)
    Generally declining labour markets, coupled with a significant increase in the projected global population have raised concerns over a potential food scarcity crisis. In response to this, the agricultural industry is ...
  • Workspace analysis of Cartesian robot system for kiwifruit harvesting

    Au, Chi Kit; Barnett, Josh; Lim, Shen Hin; Duke, Mike (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2020)
    Purpose – This paper aims to investigate if a Cartesian robot system for kiwifruit harvesting works more effectively and efficiently than an articulated robot system. The robot is a key component in agricultural automation. ...