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  • Ethnic disparities in breast cancer survival in New Zealand: which factors contribute?

    Tin Tin, Sandar; Elwood, J. Mark; Brown, Charis; Sarfati, Diana; Campbell, Ian; Scott, Nina; Ramsaroop, Reena; Seneviratne, Sanjeewa; Harvey, Vernon; Lawrenson, Ross (BioMed central, 2018)
    Background: New Zealand has major ethnic disparities in breast cancer survival with Maori (indigenous people) and Pacific women (immigrants or descended from immigrants from Pacific Islands) faring much worse than other ...
  • Obesity and breast cancer outcomes in chemotherapy patients in New Zealand - a population-based cohort study

    Elwood, J. Mark; Tin Tin, Sandar; Kuper-Hommel, Marion; Lawrenson, Ross; Campbell, Ian (BMC, 2018)
    Background: Obesity has been reported as an adverse prognostic factor in breast cancer, but inconsistently, and under-treatment with chemotherapy may occur. We provide the first assessment of obesity and breast cancer ...
  • Treatment and survival of Asian women diagnosed with breast cancer in New Zealand

    Lao, Chunhuan; Lawrenson, Ross; Edwards, Melissa; Campbell, Ian (Springer, 2019)
    Purpose This study aims to examine the differences in characteristics, treatment and survival between Asian and European women diagnosed with stage I–III breast cancer in New Zealand. Methods The studied population ...
  • The use of trastuzumab in New Zealand women with breast cancer

    Lawrenson, Ross; Lao, Chunhuan; Campbell, Ian; Harvey, Vernon; Brown, Charis; Seneviratne, Sanjeewa; Edwards, Melissa; Elwood, Mark; Kuper-Hommel, Marion (Wiley, 2017)
    Aim Trastuzumab was first funded in New Zealand for use in HER2+ve stage I–III breast cancer in 2007. This observational study aims to ascertain the patterns of use of trastuzumab in women with invasive HER2+ve breast ...